Hand-made with Pewter and Bronze

Pewter is a man-made alloy that is a combination of tin, copper and antimony.    It is ideal for jewelry as it is bright and extremely malleable. Our high quality pewter contains no allergens such as nickel or lead.       Pewter wearers also benefit from the maintenance-free finish, as pewter does not corrode or tarnish the way more finicky metals, such as silver, tend to.  Selen does not recommend cleaning or polishing her artwork, other than a light buff with a soft cloth every once in a while to restore the sheen.

Selen Design pieces start from sketches done by Selen in her New York studio, and are then sculpted in clay, and modeled in wax.  Those that make the final cut are cast in bronze  in New York City with the ancient lost-wax casting method. Once the master model is to Selen's liking, the master model is put in a rubber mold to be cast in pewter. Antiquing is the process that gives the raw pewter its distinguishing finish and texture.  Although all Selen Design work starts as pewter, many pieces are selected for Byzantine style plating,  24-carat gold plate with no nickel content.  

Selen is very excited about her ever- evolving new collection Bronze Oasis which is created in brass, bronze, gun-metal plating, rose gold and many other alternative finishes. 


Dynamic, soulful, artistic   accessories

Dynamic, soulful, artistic